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Tai Acupuncture Needle Techniques

Activating the potential of healing   The Skin “““““““` 1-1. The epidermis Point location: the needle is inserting onto the epidermis Depth: range of 0.07- 0.12 cm Response: no pain or bleeding, the skin shows red in color and the skin feel worm After needle: Chinese coin gentle scratches or/and moxa heat the point  Physiology:

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General Acupuncture Needle Techniques

Acupuncture needle techniques design is the key issue in ACU treatment. In this chapter is introducing some different needle techniques, which are common, applied for clinical practices.   Ling-Shu-Jing needle techniques   Today, in China, in general clinical practice, practitioners follow the original LING-SHU text, especially in needle techniques.   There are two popular techniques found

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